Fancy That

Customers in our shop experiencing the joy and fun of our merchandise.

It’s that time again. Promo time. Has anyone out there visited or even heard of The Emporium in the Newcastle mall? It’s been a bit quiet in there of late. So it would be nice to see you. For those who don’t know where it is or what it is, just think the old DJs building and you have the place. As far as what it is it’s a group of dedicated creatives producing wonderful pieces of art under the Renew Newcastle umbrella.

A recent addition to the colourful array. One of my acrylic abstracts.

I’ve been involved in a cool little project with a group of ladies for a little over a year now. Our shop is called Fancy That and we stock a great range of merchandise from paper mache to origami. It’s a colourful array.

So if you’re out and about in the Newcastle mall Wednesday – Saturdays 10am-4pm pop in and say hello. My shift is Friday afternoon at present. It’s a very safe and welcoming atmosphere where the artists are willing to share their practice with you.

A selection of candles of mine.