22nd February

I have been so busy with the art reviews but I have had time to paint. I’ve finished 2 paintings for the Seascape and Beyond exhibition but i don’t think I’ll bother inserting a photo of my updated tapestry. Alas not much has been, well… tapestried I guess is the word. When did I have time for paid employment?

Sharks off Stockton Beach
Sharks off Stockton Beach

Anyway back to the reviews. I’m loving this because its making me look at art closer. Sometimes I’m just not into it (art I mean) like it has to punch* me in the face for me to take notice. But I’m knowing now that there needs to be time spent observing and describing art. Especially sophisticated art which previously I’d use to describe any art work I didn’t get.

Also heard Bromley’s art prices have taken a plunge. Is this because his art was or is a status symbol?

Grouchy Cat
Grouchy Cat

Here are some photos. I’ve been wandering around Newcastle again. Take note of Grouchy Cat. What a cutey. Found him at Wickham. Also found some street art down near Wickham Station. We need more street art in Newcastle. And aren’t there heaps of coffee cafes opening in the top end of town. Shame I don’t drink coffee.inadequate

Footnote: Just thought I’d go off on a tangent here. My was daughter was complaining (surprise surprise) about the quality of my mashed potato. I apparently don’t add cream, salt or butter. Boo Hoo!!! She described my potatoes as having been punched and then served. Now I don’t serve mashed potato anymore. It’s punched potato. Sounds like an effective description for one of the wanky cafes that serve little on large white plates.


3 thoughts on “22nd February

  1. Actors in films only appear to be eating ice creams – but real ice cream melts under the heat of the lights, so mashed potato is used instead.

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