24th May

Not much in the way of painting has been happening this week but I am well on the way with my exhibition at Truevision Gallery later in the year. I have been out sketching and have other ideas to create a vista of suburbia similar to “The Festival of the Dog”. Unfortunately the window was kicked in at The Shopfront Gallery so my dogs have been removed in there. No doubt they’ll be somewhere else in Newcastle in the near future.

Festival of the Dog.
Festival of the Dog.

Nanshe Gallery celebrated its first birthday with a group show. I have 2 painings in there which were described on the opening night by someone as interesting. I translate the word interesting when describing art as “mmm not keen on that”. But you build a thick skin Nanshe2smallwhen exhibiting work.Nanshe1small

I’m also at the cruise market near the Newcastle Museum on Sunday. Visitors are more than welcome. Otherwise it will be a long day.


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