15th April

Well I’ve had a chance to get a bit of art made in between writing reviews. I also discovered a great gallery in Maitland  called Twig and Moss. It’s worth having a look  especially if you’re going to the regional gallery because it’s just up the road.

I have a small printing press at home that I’ve been playing with for a while now and I’m starting to get results. My plan is that I’ll have some prints in my Newcastle exhibition later in the year. Gradually I’m learning all over again things that I learnt at tafe but didn’t wonder as to the reason why. Like drying the paper flat. I have a few wonky art pieces that were dried hanging up. I’m sure they’ll flatten out nicely though. Here’s my first serious attempt at a lino cut.

Lino cut with press
Lino cut with press

The composition is not perfect but I was happy enough to decide I’ll pursue this. I actually think the little hand pressed work is more appealing. I’ve rubbed the ink into the indentations of the lino and then pressed it into my sketch book.I’m looking forward to getting more lino. It’s a very relaxing past time.

Lino cut hand pressed.
Lino cut hand pressed.

I was also fortunate enough this past 4 weeks to have sold a couple of works. It’s always a bonus no matter how often I remind myself that I’m creating art for self-expression purposes only.

This piece sold at Back to Back in the Small exhibition.

In the meantime I’m still painting dogs for an exhibition next month. There is an abstract element that is entering my art surreptitiously. Abstraction seems to find the artist not the other way around.


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