She breathes deeply as she watches and waves. A simple smile both real and guileless sweeps across her face as she sees the last of the cherubic heads bob out of view. Retreating pleasurably into the depths of a conscious serenity is her luxury. And with a growing sense of liberty she uncoils slowly and releases her breath.

The suburban hum whispers its nuanced welcome as she tilts her head to absorb the saturated blue of an undisturbed sky. A rhythm murmuring with lilt and cadence exists as life merrily traverses along its fated trajectory. She turns toward the house with no gratuitous sentiment. Hers is a response innocent but grateful.

Climbing the stairs to the door she hears the phone clatter noisily to life. A telemarketer most likely as she acknowledges the unknown number. This satisfies and an incongruous relief seeps through her as she lets it ring out.

Though unmade beds beckon and the muddle of a hectic breakfast lays abandoned, she taps the kettle from its reverie and listens to its ascending hiss. The teabag only moments before inert releases its potential and fills the void with a lingering calm. She sips contentedly.

A mind meandering from task to task mapping a day filled with conventional expectations makes her foolhardy and she reaches for her daughters dazzling red polish applying it liberally to toenails that cower under the bombardment. But she swiftly ignores her absurd unease instead focusing on her vase of petunias pert, lively and beautiful unaware of their all too short date.

Closing her eyes she rubs at her temples listening to the tick, tick, tick of the clock. Time is palpable. And this is hers if only for a moment. She focuses on the regularity of pulse, of breath. In out. In out. Floating…

Kerri Smith Bio


Diploma in Chemical Technology

Diploma of Visual Art

Solo Exhibitions

Oct 2013

Truevision Gallery Redhead. Adventures into an Unknown World.

Oct 2012

Truevision Gallery Redhead

Group Exhibitions

Dec 2013

Nanshe Gallery, The Christmas Show.

Sept 2013

Webb’s Gallery Kahibah

August 2013

Wind, Group Show with Newcastle Printmakers, Newcastle Art Space.

June 2013

Nanshe Gallery, My Dogs

May 2013

Chippendale New World Art Prize. (Selected work)

Nanshe Gallery, Birthday Show group exhibition

Mar 2013

small: the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, Back to Back Gallery

Seascape and Beyond

June 2011 

Weston Art Show

Griffith Regional Gallery (Selected work)

May 2011   

Lethbridge Small Art Prize (Selected work)

Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize (Selected work)

May 2010

Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize (Selected work)


June 2011

Winner of the work on paper. Weston Art Show.

Highly Commended for work on paper. Beresfield Art Show.


Newcastle Printmakers

Hunter Arts Network

Blog    https://kerrismithartist.wordpress.com


Drawing is a most important aspect of an art practice and keeping this discipline sharp and fresh is paramount.

The five drawings in this exhibition occurred due to my determination to draw each week through observation. I select different objects from my garden or home and use a variety of techniques and materials to draw.

I am finding an independent style has developed combining movement with a fleshed-out grunge feel. It’s an achievement I am proud of.


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