My house is one of many

My house is one of many in a suburb that’s one of many in a city that’s one of many in a country.  And I’m lucky. I have good people, my family, that are many and they look out for me. And I look out for them.

My house, it has water and food and health and we live happy on freedom and opportunity. We learn and we thrive with many on land abundant with blessing and goodness.

My house is clean and rich with thought, we seek and we prosper because what we seek is there.

My house is woven with delicate threads passing from fingertip to fingertip through generations. With links beyond time, to places beyond comprehension to worlds that have formed me, we live.

My house in a suburb in a city in a country. We breathe, we live, we dream.

And I hope for the many, the many left wanting, the many less fortunate than I.


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