9th February 2013

I’ve been busy painting this week, writing reviews (still plenty of great art to be seen about Newcastle) and also writing proposals.

I whipped up this miniature dog on 10x10cm canvas. These little paintings can be more difficult than painting large canvases. Anyway it fits nicely on my piano.maitland dog

I’m happy to keep painting but I’ve also ventured into tapestry. I know it’s considered crafty but who cares. It’s all creating. I have a piece of art I painted last year and this is being essentially painted with embroidery cotton. There is a lot of cross stitch happening as the thread was too thin to look significant as a tapestry stitch. As I go I refer to the painting and so there is a lot of improvisation. I found drawing onto the tapestry canvas not that successful. It’s certainly an evolving process. And time consuming. This is the painting.GrafittipaintingTapestry1SLOW GOING. Probs about 4 hours work in this bit. I need plenty of time which is sometimes hard to come by when a teenage boy in the house requires food.

I also finished my hot pink scarf this week while listening to my son read. Its a daily routine and breaks the tedium of listening to Harry Potter yet again. A bit endy but I need to get into Spotlight to get myself a large needle.pinkscarf

I’ll be heading in to see Del Katherine Barton http://kwgallery.com/artist/del-kathryn-barton/i-ate-the-rainbow-up…../1/24 at the Newcastle Gallery today. I admire her attention to detail. Very much not what I do.


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