Bring and Buy

There’s no doubt about the enthusiasm of a local craft group to bring together trash and treasure items as well as so so cheap hand made bits and pieces and then to invite me along to go berserk. Because you know I love a bit of treasure about my house. It inspires creativity (unlike minimalism) and the odd bit of dust but we’ll ignore that little detail for the moment. Anyway I don’t think I’m the only one as there seemed to be frenetic energy emanating from the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure table”.

I’ve captured a little of the spirit of the occasion below so take a look and next time there’s the local craft ladies holding a stall next door take a peak. You never know what you’ll find.

Just a few of the craft ladies. Note there is a man amongst the crowd. An interloper perhaps…
I can’t believe I picked up this exquisite piece of crochet for $1. Bargain!
Books weren’t running out the door.
Regret is one of the emotions I have when I think about the time I discarded my grandmothers lampshades in order to buy some of the boring white ones at the local boring white lampshade shop. Now I don’t need to regret anymore after picking up 2 gorgeous green lampshades yesterday for would you believe it $1. And they throw the most beautiful golden light.
New treasure lighting up one of my paintings.