17th August

The paint  is drying as I write on a number of panels ready for my upcoming exhibition in October. I’m hoping to be well under way by next week.

Dogs4I have 2 of my dog panels at Truevision Gallery ready for a group exhibition opening in 2 weeks time. There will also be another one of different tones that I have yet to finish. The inspiration for the colours came from Morandi and his beautiful still lifes. I have borrowed a wonderful book full of drawings and paintings that are exquisite in tone and composition.


Reading an excerpt from a novel describing Morandi’s objects having qualities similar to the twin towers I came to wondering about the public art destroyed in this catastrophe. Click the link below to find a comprehensive list of the art. I was disappointed to see a Miro tapestry destroyed. Knowing how time consuming tapestry is this is a great loss.


My tapestry.
My tapestry.

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