2nd November 2012

I’ve been painting up a storm again. I like how painting sucks me in and somehow I end up with a subject on the canvas I don’t expect. Like a dog. I ended up with a dog on the canvas. And it was so cute. So now I have this new series forming in my head. I’ve been “Canine” converted.

A few weeks ago we were at the Newcastle Hill Climb which was a perfect spot for sketching (by the way so is the Roller Derby but too bad I sat in a conspicuous spot otherwise I would have been sketching like mad). One of my sketches is now a painting. These two old fellows were really into the race. I was into the cars. Those little Ford Escorts that must be about my age are perfect. And it’s because they are the exact shape of the cars I paint. Perhaps subliminally when i was a kid I imprinted them onto my brain.

And also this week I found a great review of my work. Check it out!


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