4th Aug

Printmaking! I have spent so long finishing a lino cut that I haven’t had much time for painting recently. Or posting on this blog. But things are about to change. As from last week I have been madly painting again for a couple of exhibitions I have towards the end of the year.

The messy ink process.
The messy ink process.

Back to my print though. It was a long time in the process. The ink drawing  became a more detailed drawing then this was transferred to the lino. The relaxing procedure of cutting into the lino is worth it.

The lino inked up.
The lino inked up.

I discovered that the lino was too large to go through my press so wooden spoon and large table were the available options. One hint though. Don’t use old lumpy ink. That was a waste of time and effort. In the end though it worked and now I’m ready to do more. After I’ve finished painting for the upcoming exhibitions of course.

My studio with the finished prints.
My studio with the finished prints.

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