Newcastle Viva September 2016.

The Novosketchers began its journey back in 2013. Deciding we needed incentive to get out and about in Newcastle and sketch we formed a group of recent graduates from Newcastle Art School. Newcastle and its surrounds have proven to be rich in architectural icons enabling endless spaces to indulge our creative endeavours. Wonderful natural environs beckon those of us that are thus inclined. And so I imagine we will continue this tradition of meeting at regular intervals to sketch and chat.

David Rose has been instrumental in developing our Novosketchers web page. I have provided a link below. This exhibition Newcastle Viva is our first exhibition together.

David in full speech mode. It was the best speech ever. You’re a speech writing phenomenon David.
The cafe gallery. Alchemy proved to be a quite nice place to exhibit. This is Robyn, Gina and Shane’s work on the walls.