16th March

Just thought I’d include a quote I’ve recently read in “A Spy in the House of Love” by Anais Nin. So apt in regard to the art world. I’m not sure whether I’d recommend the book though. Quite putzy in parts. Maybe even Mills and Boonish. Having never read a Millsy though, I’m just guessing. Going to put one on my “to read” list. Anyway the quote:

“That is not enough,’ said Jay. “Are you willing to become an exile? Or a scapegoat? We are the notorious scapegoats, for living as others live only in their dreams at night, for confessing openly what others only confess to doctors under professional secret. We are also underpaid: people feel that we are in love with our work, and that one should not be paid for doing what you most love to do.”

So true. Especially the underpaid bit, don’t you think?

There’s also an interesting piece of writing where a woman in likened to “Nude descending a staircasr no.2” The many intricate layers of a womans personality. I must say I’ve never analysed this piece of art in this way and never thought to.


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