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Toys as still life.

For two weeks in 2016 I set about to paint some of my toys.

So to give a bit of an insight into the history of the objects. The doll that features in all of the paintings, I have had since I was a child though it wasn’t a favourite but as far as an interesting object it has stood the test of time. And now that I am a keen art maker it has regularly featured in my work both painting and drawing. The clock is a Thomas The Tank Engine alarm clock that belongs to my son and it makes for a great object to add to a still life. The little fellow with his pants down was a find from a doll market I discovered years back at Lambton High School. Snoopy belongs to my husband. The setting up of objects was a fun idea and one I’m sure I’ll return to down the track.

I found that when I painted these canvases I was looking at the negative space and this was the method I used for working out the composition. Very rarely do I draw onto the canvas first instead opting to roughly paint the layout and gradually working detail into it. Colours are achieved by limiting my palette which over time I’ve learnt works best for me. For now here is my online exhibition “Toys as still life”.

I tend to be a “House Kerri” ( a reference to the humble housecat that enjoys being a home’s permanent resident. And for those that are interested this is how my Facebook and Instagram accounts have become The Housecat Diary) so don’t mind a good stint of painting.

All works are approximately 30x30cm and acrylic on canvas. $440 each.

thee oft amid thy store
thee sitting careless
by the winnowing wind
drowsed with the fume of poppies

Andy Goldsworthy

This latest art book I’ve been reading has been heavy in more ways than one. But it was worth it to find out more about Andy Goldsworthy. For instance I did not know that there was a project in Australia by this world renown artist. Did you?

Anyway click the link to read more. Yours in art! The Housecat Diary.