This photographic documentation of the quaint suburb Teralba grew from recent experimentation with my digital camera. In order to delve into the functions of my not-so-flash camera I began a project called “Photo a day”. While embarking on this project I happened to visit Teralba and took the challenge of documenting the quirks of the suburb. It became quickly apparent that this suburb in Lake Macquarie held enormous appeal for the photographer.

Although I have not investigated the cultural cross-section of the community it would seem most likely that there is a dominant “Australian Value” system present, at least currently. This is not implying anything derogatory. On the contrary, it is historically ideal to witness a phenomenon such as this, a suburb for all appearances holding the English heritage close. This perhaps will not persist with our country embracing multiculturalism.

Please take the opportunity to witness my online photographic exhibition “Teralba”.

For further information contact me via comments on this blog or email at tony.kerri@bigpond.com.au


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