The waste dilemma.

Drawing has become the main focus of my art lately. It’s quick (I only need a 10 minute window frame to grab my sketchbook and pen and begin or continue a drawing), it’s clean and it’s portable. I know clean wouldn’t gel well with most artist’s because I suppose that’s half the fun, acquiring materials and inspiration and channelling the creative flow into a solid tangible art work that along the way may be a bit messy. But I’m questioning this mess and use of materials lately (well I suppose it’s always been at the back of my mind but it’s come forward of late). It’s an irony that is amusing in a way. Most artist’s would like to think of themselves as bohemian, eccentric, a free spirit even. Not a huge consumer or a huge creator of waste and especially not another cog in the economic wheel. And with so many artist’s out there, regardless of whether it’s a career or a hobby, it must be contributing significantly to the  waste in our world. I don’t want to stop creating but I’m going to try to minimise the waste and the consuming. Buying in bulk is not always a good idea I’ve discovered. I have a stockpile of lino, paper and I’m gradually getting through the paint. But art practices change and evolve and where once I was really keen to go down the printmaking track I’m not so much anymore. So a stockpile of lino is pretty much useless unless I force myself to use it. Which I probably will. And I’m planning on painting over the top of any canvases I’m not satisfied with. But the regular trips to that fave artist haunt Eckersley’s is a thing of the past. Ahhh! The waste dilemma. I’ve been thinking lately creating a beautiful garden or learning a musical instrument (both things I do with varying degrees of success, though I suppose that’s goes the same for my art) are perhaps a more environmentally favourable way to release creative tension.

Anyway here are a few of my recent line drawings.

The kitchen bench. 
My feet amongst a still life.
The windowsill.

2 thoughts on “The waste dilemma.

  1. Interesting blog Kerrie. Very good points about waste. I, as you may know, don’t adhere to any definition of an artist though. I don’t care how they make it and if they’re messy or not! Watched an excellent movie recently about two artists, Cutie and The Boxer. One of the best movies about artists that I’ve ever seen. Who is the ‘real’ artist?

    1. It’s something I’ve been thinking of more of late. I know there’s waste as art movements out there but I’d imagine most of that art ends up being discarded also. It’s probably a very toxic occupation in more ways than one. I’ll have to see if I can fond the movie at the library Kathleen. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers Kerri

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