Summer Art Bazaar

A small painting I'll have alongside some of my small painted houses.
A small painting I’ll have alongside some of my small painted houses.

It’s that time of the year again when we cross our fingers for good weather so Civic Park can become a thriving hub of activity for that one day of the summer Art Bazaar. And that day is tomorrow Saturday 6th of December. With over 100 sites for us eager creatives it’s sure to be an inspiring event for all who come in for a look. With extended trading hours (10am-8pm)this year there’s plenty of time to get in to Civic Park and find pressies to impress. So if you decide to venture in tomorrow make sure you seek me out. Cheers!

I'll have this image there this year as an inexpensive print.
I’ll have this image there this year as an inexpensive print.
This is another of my images for sale at Art Bazaar Civic Park.
This is another of my images for sale at Art Bazaar Civic Park.

Printed Matter

Well next week is the opening of an exhibition I’m in titled Printed Matter. The Emporium Newcastle with its old David Jones memories intact is the venue.

As part of the Renew Newcastle project I’m pleased to be participating in what I think is a vital and of course character adding monument to the city. Without the Renew Newcastle incentive this city would be  a tired and neglected ruin. By introducing creative and vibrant ideas we now have a fascinating urban space that shuns the boredom of mass production.

But back to our exhibition. As part of the Newcastle Printmakers Association the lovely Amanda Donohue called out for expressions of interest regarding an exhibition in the Project Space of the Emporium. Finding the opportunity too good to refuse I found myself emailing a positive response. And here we are now in November with the exhibition only days away.

Printed Matter will exhibit the work of myself and 4 other wonderful artists. I along with Amanda Donohue, Robyn Culley and Therese Gabriel Wilkins will exhibit works on paper. The remaining artist Lynne Britten is a textile artist printing images onto glorious silk swathes.

So come along and help us celebrate the opening of Printed Matter Saturday 15th November 2pm. Wine and cheese will definitely be on the menu.

printed matter1printed matter


Fresh Licks


Still happening and still worth visiting the east end of Newcastle NSW to see. If you do take the time out to peruse the galleries relax and enjoy the view on offer at Bistro Sandbar overlooking Newcastle beach. Great atmosphere, excellent service and superb food.

Originally posted on Newcastle's Casual Reviewer of Art:

Fresh Licks.

Given the number of art festivals thriving in Newcastle it’s apparent the pretty picture on the wall just won’t cut it these days. With a combination of youth, vigour and big brained intellectualism contemporary art is plugged-in and working its muscle. This louder form of creativity is revealed to full effect currently at The Lockup, an exhibition that is part of the Look Hear festival including the “Hit the Bricks” street art phenomenon. “Fresh Licks” is a compendium of text, graphics and grand imagination and with a quick scan it’s not long before the music theme becomes obvious.

The warren of rooms that make up The Lockup welcomes a plethora of diverse images incorporating colour saturated photography such as Deluxe by James Mauger to precision painting such as Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo by Matthew Bourne. For me the brilliant screenprint featuring a nesting eagle atop a chockfull…

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Teralba Photographic Exhibition


Link: Teralba Photographic Exhibition. This is an online exhibition. Click the link for the full exhibition.


This photographic documentation of the quaint suburb Teralba grew from recent experimentation with my digital camera. In order to delve into the functions of my not-so-flash camera I began a project called “Photo a day”. While embarking on this project I happened to visit Teralba and took the challenge of documenting the quirks of the suburb. It became quickly apparent that this suburb in Lake Macquarie held enormous appeal for the photographer.

Although I have not investigated the cultural cross-section of the community it would seem most likely that there is a dominant “Australian Value” system present, at least currently. This is not implying anything derogatory. On the contrary, it is historically ideal to witness a phenomenon such as this, a suburb for all appearances holding the English heritage close. This perhaps will not persist with our country embracing multiculturalism.

Please take the opportunity to witness my online photographic exhibition “Teralba”.

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