Cheridan Chard and Chris Byrnes

Exhibition by local artist’s Cheridan Chard and Chris Byrnes at Newcastle Art Space until Sunday 4th May.

Two talented artist’s exhibiting at Newcastle Art Space utilise the fine art of photography to describe the world about them with such depth and success it’s enough to encourage the most inept to take up the camera and give it a burl. But in reality it’s probably best to leave it to the experts.

This exhibition is an ideal platform to investigate the staggeringly large range of techniques available in this genre. While Chris Byrnes sticks to the traditional Cheridan Chard has embraced technology.

Chard introduces an abstracted painterly impression to her photography inspiring curiosity. Her vision contributes strongly to the stunning outcome of the images since many have the technology within their grasp but few achieve such success with the camera. Surprisingly simple techniques produce results requiring limited manipulation by Photoshop. Using the Perspex of a bus shelter scratched with graffiti seems to work brilliantly.    

Adept handling of the SLR camera by Byrnes quickly assures the viewer that this form of photography has not been superseded. Varied techniques deliver subdued images, quiet and understated. The beauty of these images, most notably the four foggy street photographs, is only enhanced by the use of wet photography where tiny imperfections add to the allure. It would be difficult to imagine achieving similar pathos with computer generated images.

These exhibitions on at present at Newcastle Art Space finish Sunday 4th May. Unfortunately images were unavailable however a comprehensive view of Cheridan Chard’s work can be seen at An artist statement from Chris Byrnes can be found at    

Cheridan Chard and Chris Byrnes.